It’s a boy!

Remember those blue legs I mentioned yesterday? The ones I started out making and then realised they wouldn’t go with the idea that was forming in my head? Well I decided to use them to make another doll, this time a boy (yes stereotypical blue for a boy… but stick with me.)

My stepson is rapidly growing out of his clothes. While trousers may fit round the waist they are woefully short in the leg, so I was handed a pair of barely worn jeans that he was too tall for, it was these that formed the basis of those infamous blue legs!

I decided to utilise the back pocket to use as a feature for this doll and chose some super soft grey fleece. (A brand new fleece scarf bought from a local charity shop.) Again I used my trusty old calico for the arms and the head, but this time I decided to use the bit I had been cutting around as it had some old iron on transfer from an embroidery my Mum had planned on doing years ago. It is a carnation design and quite pretty. I thought they might look like tattoos – a bit similar to the jacobean print material some folks are using to make tattooed men and lady dolls.

So here he is – complete with a jaunty little stripy scarf made out of a baby sock with a cute button detail. I decided to call him Quentin, sort of suits.


He is also for sale on my Etsy shop here.