60s Swinger?


So my second doll attempt went something like this…

I started out with some legs, some completely different legs to the pair she ended up with. I then hunted around for some fabric. I seem to be oh so precious (and scared of) my fabrics. I have oodles of gorgeous fat quarters, like a magpie hoarding my treasures. Then it’s like I don’t want to cut them up to actually make things. Then I am scared of using the fabric and potentially messing up what idea is in my head, so nine times out of ten I seem to gravitate towards felt.

This time I thought I would pick a fabric that I was a little unsure about what I might actually use it for as it had a slightly awkward pattern repeat. I had a fat eighth of this red and white geometric print fabric from a lovely selection at Fabric HQ specifically from their fabric stacks.

It seemed like it might work well for a dress so I quickly sketched out a dress shape that would fit across the main section of the geometric print and out came the big scissors! I then realised my little blue legs I had made earlier were not really going to match with this fabric so I went with a new set. I have a mega stash of socks (all clean) to use for various bits and bobs. I did go through a phase of making lots of things out of socks, then my love of felt took over. (Sorry socks). So I found a nice cream one and had at it with said scissors and some red felt for shoes.

I have this lovely soft fine calico from my Mum. She had used it years ago with the idea to do some embroidery with it, but gave it to me a while ago in a bag of little interesting snippets of lace, ribbons and sequins. I had used it to make the arms and face of my lady pirate and it really is just perfect for it. I wanted a softer, paler lip look compared to Ms Pirate so I went with a nice pale rose coloured thread. Out came my trusted felt for her hair and I found some great striped grosgrain ribbon to do bows for her pig tails.

Altogether I think she turned out quite well! She looks like a bit of a 60s party girl with her pale skin, funky dress and long pale legs!

She is on sale in my Etsy shop here.




I have started to play around with making dolls and this is my first attempt – a lady pirate I call Jocasta O’Malley. She is a rum looking lady to be sure!
Made using fleece fabric, calico and stripy socks with ribbon and lace details. She also has some pretty nice tattoos!

Like a lot of things I make, sometimes I fall a bit in love with them and aren’t too keen on the idea of someone else owning them, but eventually I talk myself round and put them up in the shop!