OK – I can’t juggle. I can just about catch one thing, let alone two or three or more. But at the moment I am sort of juggling.

Last week I went back to my old job doing project coordinating. That in itself is like juggling, assisting on several projects, working on updates to company documentation whilst problem solving the amazing timesheet system that I am a super user for. I left last year and spent the first few months just getting back on my feet, literally, after having torn several ligaments in my ankle a week or two before I left. I focused on craft fairs, on following a crafty dream whilst also running my genealogy research business Root to Tip.

And just as things were beginning to really lift off with them, I got a call. Was I available? A former colleague of mine was leaving soon and they needed someone in ASAP. I couldn’t say no, I loved working there and had been hoping I would be asked back at some point.

So I am back in my day job, seeing my old friends and even being back at my old desk. It doesn’t feel like it has been almost a year. As a consequence of this it means I won’t be ironing and sewing during the daytime, that will have to wait for evenings and weekends. As will the family tree research work – I still have work to do for two clients at the moment, so there is plenty to be getting on with.

Super Alex

Just call me SuperAlex….

This weekend just gone I worked on an order for custom cushion covers off the back of another cushion order. Last week I felt a bit busy and a bit stressed, almost every night had something doing. On Monday night my husband and I went to see the band Reel Big Fish in Bath, then Tuesday and Wednesday were busy nights for my husband, get in, get dinner, head off, then Thursday I was meeting up with a Root to Tip client at the pub in the middle of Avebury Stone Circle. So come Friday evening it was nice to just collapse and do not much.


What do you mean? A pub in the middle of an ancient stone circle? Yep – right there where the arrow is!

This week is less hectic. I am hoping to get some time to make a set of cushion covers from some delightful fabric I’ve had for a little while, but I also need to get on with some research work, find a couple of hours to natter to my Mum on the phone and also bake some cakes to take into work for my birthday…

Mmm juggling. Maybe one day I will learn how to do it!

Purple Stripe Beanbags

Juggling beanbags anyone?


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