My most important customer…

Today I made 5 double button brooches for my most important customer – my mother!

I often talk about my Mum on here because she is probably my inspiration for getting into crafty type things. I’ve mentioned before about her skills with the sewing machine and the knitting needles, but she used to do craft fairs when I was a kid, not just selling things she had sewn like pot holders and oven gloves but she also did basket weaving and sold baskets too. These days she mainly makes curtains and the like for other people and mostly makes jam, marmalade and chutney.

A while back she said she wanted some button type brooches in different colours to go with some button-less cardigans she had. She said she wanted a black one, a bottle green one, a navy blue one and a pinky-purple one. Initially she said she might like them out of felt, but as I don’t do proper felting, the felt type buttons I was coming out with I just wasn’t happy with. I told her about it last night and she said ‘well normal buttons would be fine too…’ so I set to hunting out some decent buttons from the family button tin that I inherited and figured they would look nicer if it was a layered double button look.

So here they are – heading off today so she gets them in time for Mother’s Day on Sunday. As you can see I did a black one and thought I would also do her a black and white one so she had a bit of choice.


And a close up on the green one as I quite like the top button which fit so perfectly in the nice chunky bottle green one.


Hopefully she will like them and have a nice relaxing day on Sunday!


Christmas is coming!

I’ve been a bit quiet of late, after the craft fair I felt a bit worn out – possibly the strains of the glandular fever I had earlier in the year still trying to put the boot in with the fatigue! Then at the weekend I started coming down with a cold – so this week I have been feeling pretty rough and still not feeling too special!

Today I finally got round to putting all my Christmas items in my Etsy shop! It took me most of the afternoon and evening – including taking some new photos of some of last year’s stock too.

Imagine my surprise that little under an hour after listing the new things did I sell two lots of decorations and my little seascape heart hanging decoration! Pleased as punch!

So if you fancy some lovely handmade Christmas decorations or some toys and gifts for your loved ones then head on over to the shop!

I also recently made another little giraffe to give to my new niece for her Christmas present – I hope she likes it!


Also – my nephew seems to really like the puppy I made him for his birthday – has decided to call it ‘Doggay’ and whisked him off somewhere by his ears so that’s all good!

So all I need to do is make another angel to replace the one sold last week to make up a set of three again and I will be listing them in the shop and I plan to make another giraffe too as they seem to be going down well!

Then I have two craft fairs next week – a Christmas shopping evening at my nieces school and one at a nursery next Saturday – then it is quiet for a couple of weeks until another one at my nieces school – a Christmas Fair. However next weekend is also my stepson’s birthday – he will be the grand old age of 6! Woot!