A challenge…

On Saturday my husband decided to set me a challenge, to make 5 things each day of the week this coming week. I accepted said challenge and have made ten items already, five on Saturday and five on Sunday. May not seem like a high figure, but as you may have realised by now I tend to make things up as I go, so it’s not like using a set pattern you have used time and time again, with pre-cut bits all sitting and waiting to be used. Most of my items are hand sewn and are not the work of mere moments.

He also tasked me to start making things for Halloween – yes, I know it is the start of September, but I need to get myself all stocked up! So queue several Halloween themed items to begin with!

I decided to make a little set of four hanging heads and a bat (may make more of these cute little bats – pretty easy – although admittedly the first time around I put the wings in the wrong way round and had to unpick and do it again… *sigh*)

So here are the ones from Saturday! My husband’s favourite is the zombie…As you can see I used felt and played about with some white bias binding for the mummy, had fun making the exposed zombie brain and his dangling eye!


And you can find them listed on my shop here and here.