Aromatic soup!

The other day I decided to use up some carrots and butternut squash we had in the fridge and made a soup. I had some stock in the freezer left over from doing a roast gammon a while back. The stock was very aromatic – it was the water I had boiled my piece of smoked gammon in, along with some star anise, cinnamon stick, chilli flakes and peppercorns. It had a salty, gammony, spicy goodness about it.

I peeled and cubed the vegetables and fried it off in a pan with some butter and some sticks of fresh ginger. I also added some ground ginger, ground cinnamon and white pepper – although to be honest it probably didn’t need the white pepper or the ground ginger as it had a lot of gingery peppery flavour – a little too much for me (but I am a bit of a wimp when it comes to hot flavours.)

I then covered the vegetables with the stock and let come to the boil and simmer for a while until the vegetables were cooked through. Then I blended it all down with a hand blender and added some mascarpone cheese. After a taste test it just needed something a bit sweet to counter the saltiness so I put some maple syrup in – perfect!

To serve it I put a small blob more mascarpone in. I think if I made it again I might perhaps just stick with the fresh ginger and leave out the pepper and ground ginger and maybe more veg or less stock as it was a bit thin, but still tasty!

With the soup that is left I am thinking of combining it with some ground toasted cashew nuts and maybe some toasted spices like cumin and some tomatoes and some fried chunks of paneer for an aromatic curry.



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