Happy Birthday Mini C!

Today is my stepson’s 6th birthday! Let’s hope he has had a good day at school today and enjoys his party at the weekend – but more importantly lets hope he enjoys his new remote control car! Looking forward to a lovely meal out tonight!

You are probably wondering why I haven’t made him something for his birthday? Well as much as he likes my stuff (upon seeing the blue fleece dog I made for my nephew he told me he thought it was the best thing I had ever made) he’s just not all that into cuddly toys. He has a few old favourites like his Tweety Pie and a bear but is far more interested in cars and Lego and bike rides (and occasionally dressing up as a Princess but there we go).

Yesterday I did my second fair of the year at my nieces school, it was a ladies shopping evening and went quite well and I made a fair few sales – started a little slow but picked up towards the end. Then I have another one tomorrow in the daytime and I have been invited along to another local Christmas fair next Saturday just up the road from us so that is handy. Then I have one more which will be the Christmas Fair at my nieces school on 14th December.

I made a couple more giraffes this week, another yellow spotty one and another yellow bird pattern one. Just trying to source more of the spotty fabric as I only had a little bit of it and I rather like it!

I am now all sold out of angels and christmas puddings, robins and my fleecy dinosaur has winged its way over to Northern Ireland this week. If you fancy something a bit different for Christmas this year then why not head over to the shop and take a look!




Fleeced by an eBay seller…

Last week I ordered a fleece scarf on eBay with a view to use it to make things. I had opted for a nice teal / turquoise kind of colour and was looking forward to receiving it. So imagine my surprise (several days later and much longer than I was expecting to have to wait) when a dark navy blue scarf greeted me when I opened the package. I immediately contacted the seller to let them know I had been sent the wrong colour and asked if they wanted me to return the incorrect item. (The listing itself had a drop down box for colour but this only contained the option ‘scarf’ which is most helpful but when I paid I stated the colour I wanted.) Several days later and I had no reply and I was about to contact eBay about it (as my contact about the incorrect item had automatically opened an eBay case) when I had an email informing me I had been refunded. No communication at all from the seller, so I didn’t end up with the item I wanted, but at least now I had some navy blue fleece for free. It wasn’t exactly a colour I thought of getting. It was so dark that I was mulling over what I could make with it.

Today I ended up looking through some of my craft books and found my copy of Make Your Own Soft Toys by Rob Merrett and there was one toy in there – Ruby the Daschund which got me thinking (if you look on the Amazon page and do ‘Look Inside’ a picture is on the second preview page.) So I did a rough sketch as the pattern pieces were pretty big and I didn’t want to make something as big as that. I wasn’t sure whether or not to do the rounded base but glad I did in the end.

I have made this to give to my lovely nephew who will be three next week, so lets hope he likes it! The arms and legs are nice and floppy and he is nice and soft!



I have now ordered some turquoise (and some lime green) fleece from another source so watch this space for some other items!