Squares aren’t the only shape…

I’m all about rectangles at the moment.

Last week I decided to try my hand at rectangular cushion covers. I wanted to make them a little differently to how I had been doing the square ones, by having two different fabrics on the front and perhaps with a little embellishment to make it a bit more interesting.

My first attempt I made with the measurements of the cushion pad in my head. This was a bit of a mistake as I should have really made sure I knew what the proper measurements were BEFORE I started. But you live and learn!


I used some leftover Alexander Henry tattoo design fabric and some teal green Kona Solids fabric for the side and back. I then used a nice crimson red velvet ribbon with some black crochet style lace ribbon either side of it for a vintage style embellishment. After I had pressed it I realised just how small it was and how it wouldn’t fit my very plump 12″ x 18″ pad I had (which was more like 13″ x 19″) I ended up getting a 12″ x 16″ pad and just about crammed it in!

My second – and much more well thought through attempt I used a great piece of Kokka fabric I had from a purple fabric stack from FabricHQ I’d had for a while trying to think how best I could use it. I teamed it up with the lovely Mustard Bella Solids fabric I had used before with my grey and yellow triangle print cushions as I thought it really picked up on the hint of yellow in the design. I used a delicate cream ribbon to go down the seam – all neatly hand sewn. I REALLY love this one!


I then did a red Nordic/Scandinavian style one using a leftover piece I had of this lovely bird/chick and tree pattern. I have previously made some mini Christmas stockings out of this fabric, but teamed it up with a nice dark cherry red plain cotton which I had picked up as an end of bolt for a good price and then put a nice retro bit of red rick rack on it for detail.


Then I went back to squareland with a really amazing Alexander Henry industry city print – Smokestack. I did this just with a plain black cotton fabric back. It is kind of art deco feel to the design. My husband really likes this one.


A couple of days before I had also made this one using some Lotta Jansdotter design fabric. It reminds me of pebbles. It is backed with a teal blue/green fabric to match the colour on the front.


And then at the end of last week I had an order for two owl & snail print cushion covers. These are made using Robert Kaufman Bermuda fabric. I now have only got enough to make three more. They are backed with a nice fine green stripe fabric – Road 15 – Road Rain. So they went off and were received today and had a lovely message from the happy customer to let me know they had arrived and asking if I would be interested in making two smaller plain green cushion covers to match – and of course I said yes!


I had also decided at the weekend to get a colour card for the Kona Solid’s fabrics. There are 271 shades to chose from and as I often order them to go with certain designs to do the plain backs for cushions but it can be a pain when you are trying to match a colour based on what you can see on a computer screen. I don’t have any remotely decent fabric shops near me so I rely on online shops to get the best and most interesting fabrics. I’ve been disappointed at times when a fabric arrives and it’s not quite right, so I decided to order one – they are a bit hard to find in the UK and only a few shops sell them.

I had found one at Plush Addict for a great price of £9.25 and had ordered it along with some other fabrics but had a call this morning from them to say they were sadly out of stock and they had been waiting weeks for them to come in, so I got a refund. I then hunted down other UK sellers and found one who only had one left and asked them what they could offer it to me for. I got a good deal for £15 including recorded delivery from GKS Fabrics. I’m really looking forward to it arriving, I think it is really going to help! It will also help me to pick out a good green to match either the lime green or the darker green in the owl fabric for my customer if the two green fabrics I have already aren’t a good match. Each page is A4 sized and uses swatches of the fabric rather than a printed version of the colour. It seems a bit pricey but when you weigh up the cost of ordering fabric that turns out not to be the right shade you need and the disappointment and time wasted in then having to find the right one – I think it will be worth it!


Eeeeee excited! (Image from http://www.fatquartershop.com)

Although I have been getting rather irked with the sewing machine – aka The Beast this past week, lots of thread snapping and then had to change the bulb only for the new one to go a few days later – so two more bulbs are on their way to me, so at the moment my sewing is only being done when it is a sunny day! Either that or get my husband to stand over me holding a torch… But other than sewing in the dark, it’s all back to normal now after a bit of tinkering!


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