About Me

Hi – my name is Alex Cleverley. I am a 30 *mumble* something year old from Wiltshire, UK and I make things. I don’t always follow a pattern, probably a metaphor for my life too.


I started to learn how to sew properly in 2012. I did some sewing years ago at school but I was properly awful at it. I don’t think I ever finished off something myself as usually the teacher had to help. As for threading a sewing machine – forget about it.

But I thought I would give it another go, I had been making a few pre-made toy kits and thought I might try a sewing machine again. Some years ago I had a similar plan but ended up setting a sewing machine on fire… (don’t ask.)

This recent attempt has proved a little more successful. I ended up doing a summer school fete run by my sister and sold several items. I then decided to showcase my items in a Facebook group, and made a few sales through friends. I then started up a shop on Etsy after the encouragement I received. I did a Christmas fair too and made plenty of sales in the run up to Christmas.

My first ever stall.

My first ever stall.

The stall I had at my first Christmas Fair

The stall I had at my first Christmas Fair

Initially I started up under the name Cleverley Crafted which served me well for a while but I got to thinking that I wanted to move away from ‘craft’ type shop names. I wanted something a bit more memorable and feel-good. My husband used to have a pair of cats called Fudge and Poppy and I always liked the cadence and the flow of those names together. (I too had a cat called Poppy.) I kept thinking of different ideas but Fudge and Poppy kept popping into my mind, and I just went with it. I love it.

So to link with my Etsy shop I thought I would create a blog to showcase some of my items and pick out some other bits and bobs which inspire me!


I also have a Facebook page linked to my shop where I often post details of new items, work in progress, offers and giveaways!

Feel free to send me a message!



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