Yes – more cushions!

I made a couple more cushion covers this week – one of which I liked so much I decided not to sell but put photos of it on my Facebook page and within minutes had an order for two of them – so cue another fabric ordering session (I love it…) This one is done using the fantastic Stamped collection by Ellen Luckett Baker.


I also made another geometric cover which is the same on both sides – so a wrap around envelope style. This one is in the shop here.


I will no doubt be making more over the coming week!


7 thoughts on “Yes – more cushions!

    • Thank you! The fabric turned up today, and have one more order to come of some fabric I’ve had my eye on for a while to see what it is like. So I made three more of the yellow and grey ones today – one for me to go with the other one and the two that were ordered at the weekend, may well be making some more this week with the new fabric! Just need some more cushion pads!

      • It did used to take me a while but I’ve made quite a few now so getting the hang of it! I’m still not the fastest sewer in the world and I’m still pretty bad at cutting a straight line but I prefer fabrics with some sort of straight line or pattern that makes it a bit easier!

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