Printing and Stamping

This week I decided to try to make my own little stamp of my Fudge & Poppy logo using a square eraser. I picked up a bunch of five chunky black erasers from eBay a while ago with a view to giving it a go.

I had been flicking through a nice book I got from the library a while back – The Hand Printed Home by Jenny McCabe. I love the idea of making my own stamps and prints and especially doing something to print fabric with. At some point I will get some fabric paint medium to mix with acrylics to use to try some ideas with.


In the meantime I thought that my first attempt at carving my own stamp would be something I could perhaps use to stamp onto brown paper tags. So I got the image for my F&P logo and reversed it using Gimp (a free version of a programme like Photoshop) and then printed it out. I then stuck it over my eraser and dug out a craft knife. I was a bit annoyed with myself, as the last time I had used the craft knife was when we did pumpkin carving last year – and it must not have been cleaned very well (and had been stood in a Marvin the Martian mug on the windowsill by the sink since then) so the end was a bit rusty. But I thought, it’s my first go, so I wont be too hard on myself if I make a hash of it.

As it turns out – I didn’t do too badly!


I went through my old stash of ink pads to find that my black one had totally dried up and my bronze one was just about OK, so I will probably have to get a new black one if I want to use it properly.

Last week I also managed to make a nice print on myself with the iron. I was reaching over it to put a cushion cover on the end of the ironing board when I caught my wrist on the top point of the iron – which was super hot as it was on the hottest setting. Needless to say I ran straight into the bathroom and ran gallons of cold water over it. A week on and it’s still quite tender, the skin has cracked a little because I’ve been doing all my usual stuff and probably not taking quite as good care of it as I should. Hopefully smothering it with Sudocrem every hour might stop me from getting an iron shaped scar!


Burn baby burn! Iron Inferno! (Doesn’t quite have the same ring to it.)

On a slightly happier note, I did make a beanbag for the living room this week – I will do a post about it next week as I discovered it needed more beans than the tutorial said it did so I had to order some more! (Probably down to me not being able to follow simple instructions – but it still looks like a beanbag AND I did my very first ever zip so it’s all still good!)

I also discovered this week that I had reached my 100th Etsy sale, so after a bit of jumping about and smiling like a loon, I decided to put an offer on my Facebook page to say that to celebrate, the next order I got would get a free gift. And then moments later – I got order number 101! So that went off and will hopefully be received later today. I decided to keep that offer open for the rest of the weekend – so if anyone fancies a little free gift then why not pop on over!

Monster Sale

Order 101 complete with mystery free gift!

Plus if you’ve never ordered anything on Etsy before – why not take advantage of this fab little offer to get £5 (or the equivalent in your currency) off your first ever order! (The minimum order value is £10 – but you could order a few little things or one bigger thing if you fancied.) You don’t have to use it in my shop, but it might be nice to get £5 off and a free gift too!



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