Pleased as punch!

Earlier in June I hosted a giveaway on my Facebook page and had a little blog post about it too. Dashwood Studio had a new range of fabric out in a fab fruit themed collection called Retro Orchard. I saw it and I knew that it would be the one I picked to make the cushion out of for the giveaway so snapped up two fat quarters straight away.

The giveaway was really popular – aimed at my page getting 300 likes. I’d been busy beavering away making more cushion covers before I noticed it had gone way over 300 so I decided to keep the competition open for a little while longer till that evening to give me some time to finish off my work and concentrate on compiling a list of entries and drawing a winner before Springwatch came on and I had my ‘Me and Chris Packham’ time.

A lovely winner was chosen and she is now happily enjoying cushiony things with it. Then this morning whilst having a little look at my blog stats I noticed that someone had visited my page via the Dashwood Studio blog… I curiously clicked on the link and was so pleased to see that they had been doing a little round up of blogs who had been making things using the new Retro Orchard collection and there was my cushion! So I did a little dance in my chair and have had a big grin on my face for about an hour.


Why not check out the page – see some of the other lovely things people have been making! I ended up making a couple more of them which are in the shop here.

I didn’t do a vast amount of crafty stuff last week as I was busy with my other job – doing genealogy research. Today I plan to crack on with a few more bolster cushions. I have a load of fabric waiting to be transformed, and had spent a bit of time sitting with my creative consultant (aka husband) holding up crochet lace ribbon, velvet ribbon, rick rack etc up to the fabrics to get his opinion on what worked well with what. Sometimes you just need another set of eyes to take a look!

My plan to not order any more fabric for a while ended up going a bit awry when I saw that Plush Addict had a 20% off sale on Kona Solids until midnight tonight. So I picked up some more bits and pieces mainly for making up a pair of cushions where I have only just got one in stock as well as a couple of new ideas. But this is definitely the last one for a while!



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