Falling in love with fabric

Recently I have worked with some really gorgeous fabrics. Usually I order a small amount to begin with, I like to see what the fabric is like, often find a plain colour that might match up well with it to make the back of a cushion. Plus you never know how popular (or indeed unpopular) certain fabrics might be. Nothing worse than buying a whole load of something only to find you can’t sell it. (OK so there probably are a multitude of things worse than that…) I love the feeling of anticipation waiting for the fabric to arrive and then once the package is opened I have been known to stroke the fabric for a while. I like hunting down new patterns, finding things I haven’t come across before.

Last week I got some really lovely ones – this one called Water-boat-men by Kobayashi which I teamed up with a green that was the same colour as the lily pads – Ivy by Kona.

Lily 3 Lily 4

This one – Trefle by Kokka – I decided on a blue that matched perfectly with the blue of the birds for the back of the cushion for this fabric – Cadet by Kona.

Nordic Birds 3Nordic Birds 5

And this fabulous Echino Bee by Kokka. I have previously used a green/yellow/blue version of this fabric that I teamed up with a great clover green, for this one I decided to go with a dark hibiscus purple by Kona to match.

Purple Bee 3Purple Bee 5

I tend to only buy patterns that I like, I’m not one for going with the trend, buying the same kinds of fabrics that other people might have seen being used by other crafters. I enjoy being a bit different, being bold and vibrant and appealing. I like to share what I like with my followers, my potential customers.

It is dangerous though, I keep falling in love with these fabrics and then want them all over my home!

The cushions made are now in the shop – and there is 20% off this weekend until midnight on Sunday with the code FUDGEFACE20 if you fancy something nice!



6 thoughts on “Falling in love with fabric

  1. I love the waterboat men by Kobayashi. I bought it to make things for my little one but didn’t get enough and can’t find it anywhere anymore. Can I ask who your supplier is? Thanks!

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