Matching Colours!

Last week my Kona Colour Card arrived. I’d had a bit of a faff with trying to get one. Initially I had ordered one from one fabric shop only to be told the next day that it was out of stock and I got a refund. I then spent that morning hunting down another (they are like gold dust in the UK) and found one shop who agreed to sell me one for £15 including recorded delivery – so I went for that hoping to get it the next day but paid just after the lady had done her post run – but later that day got an email to say that actually they didn’t have one to sell me after all! But as I really needed one soon she offered to give me her slightly older one that was still in good condition for half the price – so I went for that. So it’s not as nice and swishy as the one I was hoping for and it isn’t the latest one with all 271 colours – but it’s better than nothing and for £7.50 I can’t really complain!

So rather than this:


I got this:


I think I’ll survive!

It enabled me to find two greens to match up with the green in the pattern from two cushion covers I sold the other week where the customer wanted two small cushion covers and one large one to coordinate.


It also helped me to pick the right shade of orange to pick up on the orange in this awesome robot print Kokka fabric. This cushion is in the shop here.


I was also finally able to find the right sort of browny grey shade to match up to the colour of the branch in this bird print fabric to make the cushion I’ve been waiting to make for a while – ordering browns that were too brown and getting frustrated! In the shop here.


I also fell in love with this Kokka Echino bee fabric and found a nice lush clover green to go with it. I made two of these – in the shop here.


And also this faux patchwork Kokka fabric – I teamed it up with a nice rich plum colour. In the shop here.


The brown I had bought before thinking it might match the bird print I ended up putting it together with this great brown and yellow forest print fabric – in the shop here.


And I used a green I had bought before thinking it would match the green in the bee fabric but it was too light – but found it worked really well with an owl print Kokka fabric I had. So I used it to make two matching rectangular cushions with a lace ribbon embellishment. Quite nice and summery – in the shop here.


And I’ve also done a couple without having to colour match – a really nice bright coloured spot fabric as a wraparound style – in the shop here.


And I had an order from a good friend (and repeat customer) for some cushions for her son’s bedroom – due to head off tomorrow.


It’s also been a bit of a weird week. Over the Bank Holiday Weekend I wasn’t feeling particularly well and generally a bit run down. (My husband bought me two lovely bunches of roses to try and cheer me up.) My sewing machine (The Beast) has also been misbehaving somewhat. After getting two new replacement bulbs last week another one has blown! Plus the thread tension decided that rather than being quite happy at the usual 4/5 it wanted to be turned right up to 8 before it would play nicely. Plus some thread it just really doesn’t like and snaps it very frequently. So along with all of that I have also burnt my hand on the iron and my thumb on the very hot sewing machine bulb – it is a bit longer than my old one so if I am rethreading the needle I sometimes catch myself on it!

However I did get out and about as on Wednesday night my husband and I went out to Bath to see the comedian Miles Jupp. We had a nice meal out before the show just up the road from the comedy club (and had a 25% off voucher so even more of a bonus!) So it was nice to have a laugh and a bit of a different evening to usual!

So now heading into another weekend and looking forward to spending time with my husband!


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