More Slightly Odd Gifts

Following on from yesterday’s Mini People post – last year when my good friend from work had to go into hospital I knew she was feeling quite anxious about it.

I decided to make her a little set of things to help cheer her up while she recovered from surgery, she would have to be off work for two weeks so although it wouldn’t be something that would keep her occupied that entire time, I thought that a few silly things might just take the edge off a bit.

Firstly I made her a silly card – I found a great photo from I think a sewing pattern for making everyone in the family a Spiderman costume. On the front of the card I wrote “My Spidey Sense Tells Me…” and on the inside “…You Are Not Going To Die!” (I must point out that it was a straightforward op with no chance of death!)


I decided to make her two little books – one filled with silly little cartoons (some copied from my favourite web comics and others out of my own head) and another which was a poem I had written which I illustrated again using my cartooning talent (of which I have none – be warned!)


These were a mixture of things that made me laugh from sites like Natalie Dee, Poorly Drawn Lines, Married to the Sea and just me.


With both these little books I sewed the binding rather than using staples.

I then painted and drew her a little pebble to keep her company.


 This is Trevor, he likes long walks on the beach and enjoys listening to Acid Jazz.

I also made her a little donkey finger puppet (after having asked her a while before if she could have any animal other than the ones she already has – what would it be – and she said donkey.) And I made her a moustache on a stick. Hours of fun.

Abi Donkey finger puppetAbi Tash

Altogether it looked pretty cool. I did forget one thing though – a jumbo sized Twix but never mind!





8 thoughts on “More Slightly Odd Gifts

  1. That was an actual picture from an actual sewing pattern? Noo!
    The get-well pack is amazing (and hilarious. And I too think of Adam Ant.) – you are a good friend 🙂

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