Mini People!

One of my many alter-egos is being a consulting contractor in projects. Basically I assist project managers, ensuring they abide by certain methodologies, complete appropriate documentation, report to stakeholders etc.

Last year whilst working for a local firm I made some really great friends who were really encouraging of my creative side, they liked to see what things I had been working on and enjoyed me sending them odd cartoons based on situations at work or weird things people had said.

One of those friends was Abi, she had started in the February and we became firm friends. Similar sense of humour and we had a great laugh. I discovered one day in April that her birthday was the following day and I thought that I should make her something that would make her smile. In UK projects we tend to follow a methodology called PRINCE2 (PRojects IN Controlled ENvironments), something which Abi knows a lot about. Her PRINCE2 manual went everywhere with her. She also often talked about how she loved savoury buffet type food, pork pies, scotch eggs etc. So I thought I would make her something that incorporated some of the things I knew she liked – and so I made a Mini Abi…


I made her using felt for the clothes and accessories, wool for hair (with a ribbon in it) and backed with a funky owl fabric and lightly stuffed. She has her PRINCE2 Manual and a pork pie. They are held on with Velcro so can be removed as required. She absolutely loved it! It remains on her desk and is something she often shows people.

After making Mini Abi, my work colleagues insisted that I make more, so I made this one of one of our project managers – Brian.


As our projects often involved work with the emergency services it seemed fitting to use a fabric with a police car on the back.

I then made one for our head of Testing – Paul. He needed some cheering up. He had been brought in to help give proper structure to the test team and to ensure we had proper test documentation and generally sort things out!

So by day, he was mild mannered Paul, drinking tea and writing test strategies…


But when he hears the distressed call of a project manager he drops his cup of tea (or carefully places it down) – rips off his tie and transforms into Super Test Man!!!


He was backed with some super awesome pac-man fabric for that bit of geek chic.

I then made one for the lovely lady I sat next to – Mel. A rather stylish woman who was a keen swimmer.


Her work attire (complete with fashionable scarf) was attached by a couple of wrap around velcro ties which could then be removed…

Image It’s like something out of Baywatch!

Then finally I thought it was time to make one of me. So this is what I did – with some fab tattoo fabric (as I do rather like tattoos and have one on my back) and with a cunning accessory!


Yes – it’s a Mini Me with an even Minier Me!

She now sits on my kitchen windowsill – overseeing my sewing – along with polka dot pots of felt tip pens, painted pebbles and a yellow glittery sunflower made out of a Costa frappe lid – oh and this little lady I made ages ago!



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