What, pray tell, is a Manglewurzel? Well it’s a type of beetroot, also called Mangold Wurzel, usually used for animal fodder.

It is also the term myself and a few close friends use to describe when I draw hands. It’s a bit of a shambles.

Some years ago my husband got me an old book ‘How to Draw Hands’ by Oliver Senior – a book printed in 1944. It has that old book smell about it.

Hands Book

You can tell it’s old as the first picture is someone holding a cigarette…

So last night, after my bath, I dug out my little sketch book and got some pencils, a sharpener and an eraser and flicked through the book. I picked two pictures to copy the technique and although they aren’t perfect and perhaps I picked the wrong hardness of pencil but here are my two goes and hopefully they are not manglewurzels!


Hand sketches by Alex Cleverley





7 thoughts on “Manglewurzels

  1. Well I think your husband is correct – it’s all about practice. They look pretty good to me so if you keep practicing you could really become quite expert at drawing hands. 🙂

    • 🙂 Thank you! My Mum, sister and brother are all very arty and so is Lewis my husband. I suppose I get frustrated because I want the things I draw to look right. I’m pretty good at copying pictures but not so great at doing stuff from reality!

      My best friend is my eraser!

      Perhaps I will put some of my other sketches on here soon!

      Although some people seem to like my strange little cartoons though!

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