My most important customer…

Today I made 5 double button brooches for my most important customer – my mother!

I often talk about my Mum on here because she is probably my inspiration for getting into crafty type things. I’ve mentioned before about her skills with the sewing machine and the knitting needles, but she used to do craft fairs when I was a kid, not just selling things she had sewn like pot holders and oven gloves but she also did basket weaving and sold baskets too. These days she mainly makes curtains and the like for other people and mostly makes jam, marmalade and chutney.

A while back she said she wanted some button type brooches in different colours to go with some button-less cardigans she had. She said she wanted a black one, a bottle green one, a navy blue one and a pinky-purple one. Initially she said she might like them out of felt, but as I don’t do proper felting, the felt type buttons I was coming out with I just wasn’t happy with. I told her about it last night and she said ‘well normal buttons would be fine too…’ so I set to hunting out some decent buttons from the family button tin that I inherited and figured they would look nicer if it was a layered double button look.

So here they are – heading off today so she gets them in time for Mother’s Day on Sunday. As you can see I did a black one and thought I would also do her a black and white one so she had a bit of choice.


And a close up on the green one as I quite like the top button which fit so perfectly in the nice chunky bottle green one.


Hopefully she will like them and have a nice relaxing day on Sunday!


12 thoughts on “My most important customer…

      • How come? I’m a bit new to it all being a stepmother (officially for almost three years but in his life for about four and a half years – although I wasn’t allowed to meet him for the first six months.) So I get a card and sometimes a present or flowers. No other fuss as I’m not technically a mother so don’t need it.

        I will usually try and send my mum something nice. She lives about three and a half hours away from us so I don’t get to see her as often as I would like but we speak at least once a week on the phone and she emails me every so often.
        Hopefully they will arrive tomorrow and she might be more likely to check their postbox, theirs is in a wall on the side of the farm track they live down so they don’t always check it every day and sometimes they get a pile of wet mail if it has been raining hard!

      • Oh you know – guilt. It seems like the Sunday morning of Mother’s Day my children fight a whole bunch while we get ready for church and then we go to church and the whole time I think about what terrible mother I am. Which of course I am not a terrible mother but somehow the holiday makes me feel overly scrutinized. And my family is full of boys and they aren’t awesome at thoughtful gestures and thoughtful gifts is my strongest love language. So I feel like a failure for no good reason and my family doesn’t know how to make a thoughtful gesture to make me feel loved even though they try in their own way – some sort of last minute gift that was easy to purchase the day before at the grocery store or Wal-Mart. Some years are okay – most are just a day to get through.

        I hope your mom enjoys your thoughtful gift. Three and a half hours feels so close to me – we live about 12 hours from my mom. I usually only get to visit once or twice a year.

        Sorry for the depressing ramble… you asked. 😉

      • I do think that a lot of men/boys aren’t naturally thoughtful, it doesn’t come easily to them to plan ahead with gifts etc. It can improve when they get older but some need some reminding!

        But I get the guilt thing, I think every mother feels the same way. I’m just always hoping I’m not being an evil stepmother. I’ve never really been a “kid” type person so I do often feel a little awkward and I suppose I am more strict than my husband but he is very thoughtful and will make sure there is a nice card and a gift for me and his ex and not just leave it to school to cover!

        My brother has never been all that great with sending cards or calling on special days, and my dad sometimes isn’t so great at getting things for the woman he has been together with for 48 years… You think he’d know what she likes by now!

        While Mothers and fathers days are a nice sentiment, we should all just be a bit more thoughtful more often!

        Sometimes I think some mums would just prefer a nice day to themselves with no kids!

  1. […] My Mum was quite pleased today as for the first time since we were kids she actually got three cards on the same day. She even got one from my Dad (said “I always knew I really had four children”.) She loved the brooches I made for her (which you can see on my other blog.) […]

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