Tractors and Pie!

This week I have been having a bit of a rush on trying to order some more of those awesome green ceramic tractor buttons for a bulk order for some cute tractor badges for a special boy’s birthday party.

I’ve made 10 so far and awaiting a further 10 buttons to arrive in the post for me to make some more.

Looking pretty good!


I also made a rather nice fish pie this week too. My husband doesn’t like fish so it’s something I tend to have if he wants to eat something I’m not mad keen on so we make different things or if I am at home on my own. I had picked up a pack of ‘fish pie mix’ from the supermarket the other day as it was reduced and had put it in the freezer so I got it out to defrost – it is an ok selection of little cuts of salmon, haddock and smoked pollock.

I then made a white sauce using 35g of butter and 60g of plain flour and once they were combined I added 500ml of milk (mine was skimmed – fully skimmed not semi) and stirred until thick (at one point it got a bit gloopy so I gave it a wazz with my handheld blender which really de-glooped it and made it quite nice and light.) I added some ground black pepper, some chopped parsley and the juice and zest of a small lemon and I put some chopped spring onions in aswell as some frozen peas. I lovingly dolloped it on top of the scattered fish bits in my nice dish. While I had been making the sauce I had some diced potato on the boil to make some nice fluffy mash with – and added some chopped leeks that I had sweated off in a bit of butter and mashed it all up nicely and spread on top of the sauce, made some nice fork marks and then finely grated some applewood smoked cheddar on top and baked for about 25 mins until all nice and golden and bubbling. It was rather nice – the lemon helped make the sauce quite light and it was plenty for dinner and for lunch the next day!



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