Flexing the sewing fingers!

Wow, it has been weeks since I have used the sewing machine, mostly because I’ve been unwell for a couple of weeks and because we got a new cat and I’ve been busy getting to know him!

Yesterday I decided to make another cushion cover – this time to sell. I used the leftovers of the coffee pot fabric I used to make my own squashy cushion covers a while back to make an envelope style cover but this time with the same fabric going all the way around.

Initially I am putting it up for sale on my Facebook page but will be making others in order to put into the Etsy shop so watch this space!


I also got some more dinosaur buttons in stock to be able to make more dinosaur badges and I got two different types of tractor ones which are pretty fab. They are really lovely handmade handpainted ceramic fair trade buttons made in South Africa, yes they are pricier than the usual plastic buttons but they just stand out and have a nice rustic charm to them.


Incomparable Buttons – just super lovely!

Sam saw I had the camera out to take photos and decided he wanted to help….


I am helping – honest!


2 thoughts on “Flexing the sewing fingers!

  1. I love the fabric used for the pillows. It’s so cheerful. And of course, Sam’s helping. They’re very good about knowing exactly when you will need their undivided attention 🙂

    • Oh totally. He was helping again today and I think I might have poked him in the tail with a needle by accident but he didn’t complain!

      I’ve got some great fabrics so plan to make some more cushion covers this week!

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