A new addition!

For years I have wanted to get another cat after my two beloved cats passed away between 2005 and 2008. They were both living with my parents after I had been moving about quite a bit. Molly had suddenly become ill and my Dad took her to the vets who was going to run some tests and when he came back to collect her, she had sadly passed away. No idea what had caused her death but we were all very sad to be without her. Then a few years later, her daughter Poppy – who had gradually become deaf and was starting to become unable to jump up to sit on the kitchen chairs and was wetting herself in her sleep – went out one morning and possibly had a heart attack and fell into the little stream in my parent’s garden. My Dad found her and buried her in a nice little spot – marked with a little lamb figurine that a friend had given them – out the corner of your eye you always kept thinking it was Poppy, so it seemed right to use it to mark her resting place.

My parents haven’t felt like they wanted to replace them but I’ve always had a cat shaped space in my heart needing to be filled! So after some badgering of my husband, we started to look at a few cats in local rescue shelters and on Saturday decided on one very special cat – who I brought home yesterday!


Mmmm catnip!

His name is Sam and he’s already been making himself right at home. He was relaxed after about 5 or 10 minutes and although he is still enjoying exploring about, he loves to come and snuggle up with us. Although for his first night we kept him in the kitchen and came in this morning to find he had opened most of the cupboards for a nosey!

He has also discovered how to open our drawers in our bedroom and that he likes to hunt about under the bed and how tasty peacock feathers are…

I think he will settle in just fine!


Master of all I survey!



3 thoughts on “A new addition!

  1. Hi Alex,

    Sam is adorable! You know I’m a cat lover, so I am delighted to see you’ve add a feline companion to your family. I’m impressed it only took him 5-10 minutes to relax. Our cat Olive took days. The kittens were fine, but that’s probably because they were still babies and hadn’t learned to become afraid of things yet.

    It’s so cute that he opens the cupboards and drawers. Two of mine like to sleep in our dresser, so I leave the drawer open for them. My clothes are covered in fur, but they are too cute to say no to.

    • Hey Jennifer! Nice to see you back in the land of the blog! 🙂

      Sam is great, a real mega softie. He loves sleeping on the end of our bed, it is his favourite spot. He has settled in so well and I was amazed at how quickly he adapted to life in his new home. Admittedly our house is pretty small so it’s not like he had masses to get used to, but he seems to have finally lost interest in Lewis’s pjs and stopped trying to take them out of the drawer, cupboards are not so interesting now – apart from the one under the kitchen sink that he isn’t allowed into for good reason!
      I must take some more photos of him (like any good crazy cat lady should.)
      He did take a flying leap at an a-frame airer the other night and almost bent it in half though.

      My old cats Molly & Poppy took a bit longer to get used to things when we first got them. Molly was pretty laid back but Poppy must have been mistreated as she was pretty scared of everything ever and it took her a good week or so to stop hiding in her bed or behind the curtains.

      What with having Sam and having been pretty ill for a couple of weeks my crafting has taken a back seat so I need to get back into it. Just getting over a bad bout of bacterial tonsillitis so starting to feel human again!

      • Oh, yes. They always want to go where they aren’t allowed. My husband leaves his closet door open and they have no interest in it. Mine is always kept closed and every time I open it one of them is there instantly to try and dash inside.

        Sorry to hear about the tonsillitis. That must have been crummy. Glad you’re feeling better and yes, more cat pictures!

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