How I know my husband loves me…

I’ve known my husband now for just over five years. Later this year we will have been married for three years and together for just over four years. We had become good friends before we got together, we (well I mainly) nattered about pretty much anything and we made each other laugh.

I had always hoped that I might meet someone who loved to read and was just generally very thoughtful and loving. We had no idea if we would ‘work’ as a couple but we thought we would give it a go, and then three months later we were engaged. He turned out to like reading a lot – lucky me!

Since then we’ve gone through some pretty tough times, losing his mother to cancer, his Dad having prostate cancer (thankfully now got the all clear!) as well as work worries, issues with the ex and the like. We still make each other laugh – and I hope we always will.

My husband really gets me. What I mean by this is that he takes an interest in me, in the things I like and *shock horror* – actually listens to me! He does wonderful things for me, gets me presents for birthdays and Christmas that show he has really thought about me. Not just getting me things I have asked for but thinking about little things that I will like. A couple of years ago he got me some craft books and a rotary cutter for Valentine’s Day. I am not really one for chocolates and flowers!

Last year I had really wanted a particular pair of shoes (well a couple of pairs but that is just me being greedy!) but they were hard to get hold of and he was getting a bit stressed out over Christmas because he couldn’t get them for me.

I am not really into high heels and all of that sort of stuff (although I have a stash of shoes I need to sell as after my ankle injury it is no more heels for me!)

So this morning he presented me with the best Valentine’s gift ever!


Huzzah! Converse Wonder Woman shoes!! My life is now complete!


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