Squashy Cushions Part 2

So my lovely fabric turned up yesterday from Hong Kong! Today I decided to get the cushion covers made for my two remaining bare squashy cushions.

Last week I ordered an A2 size cutting mat so I could make my cuts a bit straighter than using my normal material scissors and use the rotary cutter my husband bought me a couple of years ago. Turns out I still can’t cut very straight but it was still straighter than my usual cutting!

I decided this time to cut my material to the size of the cushion in this case 60cm x 60cm because I wanted them to be a little snug and plump the cushions up a bit. As I’ve mentioned before, they are feather filled and squashy so can flatten out a lot when sat on.

This time my backing fabric was attached a bit more skillfully – i.e. the right way round and not so baggy and with a decent width hem.

So here they are all together and then detail of one on it’s own and now being happy enough to photograph the back!


Happy bunch of squashy cushions!


Really do love this great coffee pot motif fabric!


Yay! Much better looking than the grey one!

One of many things I have learnt from making these cushion covers is that I need more room to work! My kitchen table isn’t really all that big. One day I shall have a lovely craft room with a table big enough to pull out to use when I need it, storage places for everything and I won’t have to put my sewing machine away every time we want to eat at the table!


4 thoughts on “Squashy Cushions Part 2

  1. The envelope flap looks great! I’ve wanted a crafting room for the longest time. Don’t know when (if ever) I
    l’ll get one. So, like you, I continue to work on my dining room table and have to unpack and repack everything all the time. Sometimes, I’m lazy and just leave it all out 🙂

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