How time flies!

This time last year my stepson was getting himself excited about going to a party for his friend Jack. Last year we were snowed in. I was working from home as the buses weren’t running and we made the most of the weather and went out sledging.


Big C and Mini C last year

As we hadn’t been out to get a present I decided to make one – the party was a pirate themed fancy dress so I figured the birthday boy liked pirates. As a stepmum (and fairly new to this step-parenting lark) I am not a big fan of going to kids parties, I feel like the odd one out. The square peg in the round hole because I am “not-a-proper-parent”. I don’t have any children of my own so at times I feel awkward. So my husband does children’s party duty. That year, with all the snow, Mini C was in his pirate outfit underneath his snowsuit and all the woollen layers and his Dad took him to the party by pulling him on the sledge.

Last year this was what I made for the birthday present.


Pirate felt badge – arrrr!

Amazingly another year has whizzed by and tomorrow it’s Jack’s birthday again! This time no fancy dress. I have made a decision that any party he is invited to, that I will make the effort to make a gift for the birthday boy or girl. Having seen the sorts of things people get for other people’s kids at birthday parties, it makes me a little sad. You know the sort of thing, kids end up with something they already have, or two of something from different people. They get so many things that birthday presents can lose their “specialness”. It seems to be all about quantity than quality these days. A while back I posed the question to Mini C as to whether he would prefer to get loads of presents that he didn’t like or one big present he did like. Sadly he said “Loads of presents I don’t like.” I asked why – and he said he loves getting presents. I then said – but why if you don’t like them? He thought about it for a while and then quipped “Well, in that case, lots of presents I do like!” That wasn’t what I asked. Ah well.

So hopefully my idea will go down well. I even included a little print out of ideas to go with it. Just in case it was a bit of a ‘what?’ moment to be confronted by something that doesn’t take batteries or is some kind of Lego set.



Yes I drew them myself – can you tell?

And happily this evening I’ve had an order from Germany – so all of this will be heading off tomorrow!



5 thoughts on “How time flies!

  1. I prefer making gifts for people over buying them. Sometimes it takes me forever, but my hope is that I’ve made something that that will stand out amongst the store bought gifts and be something they will treasure for a long time 🙂

    The felt badge is awesome!

    • I know what you mean, although sometimes I do worry that people will be all a bit ‘what the hell is this?’ but as I often make food type presents for family and friends at Christmas I think they are getting used to it now!
      I think sometimes when you make things for kids you have this 50/50 chance of them liking it or thinking it is totally lame. Hopefully my things go into the non-lame 50%. Usually when I buy presents it is books, I was so into books as a child, probably slightly odd in that most people would mutter a weak thanks when they got a book token at birthdays and christmas whereas I would be all excited and wondering what I could get next. I could read before I went to school so went through loads of books whilst at school but as I changed schools when I was 5 I had to explain to the teachers that I had read the books they were trying to foist onto me, then had to do that all over again when I moved up to big school at 6. lol. I am a massive advocate of encouraging kids to read. So if I’m not making felt badges or dinosaur related things I am shoving books into their hands!
      A few years ago I got one of my nieces one of the Pippi Longstocking books, when she opened it she looked less than thrilled so I was back to feeling like the boring auntie, but then a few weeks later when I was back at their house my sister was all ‘Tell auntie Alex about your book…’ and she was all ‘Oh I love it, we read it every night, it’s brilliant!’ Yay!
      But yes, I would like to think that my handmade things will be more appreciated and last longer than something like a Furby!

      • Ha. My family has gotten used to it too. Every year for Christmas they get handmade ornaments.

        Kids are hard. We’ve bought gifts for my cousin’s kids and there seems to be no rhyme or reason as to what they love and what gets tossed aside half-heartedly.

        I read a lot too, though maybe not as much as you, at least not until I got a little older. Once I hit around 10 years old I read every night religiously.

        I had a Furby. It might still be alive somewhere. Kind of creepy to think about.

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