Boxing Day – Packaging Central!

We’ve had a lovely few days. Christmas Eve was my husband’s last day at his current job (not been there long but was utterly rubbish with nothing much to do – but will be starting his new job in the New Year!) so he was home by 12:30pm and we went to get our final bits and bobs from the supermarket before having a lovely evening over at Dom’s to have some mac & cheese and some lovely baked ham, followed by a humorous night of chatting and reminiscing about TV programmes from our childhood and music from the 90s!

My husband and I had a lovely Christmas Day – the day to ourselves and taking it easy. My stepson was with his Mum for Christmas Day and we have him again today and for a couple of days before he is back with his Mum for New Year.

We got up when we felt like it, and did our stockings. For some weird reason, every year we manage to get each other the exact same amount of things in each other’s stockings. Occasionally we do it with presents under the tree too. I got some lovely little bits in my stocking (sweeties, some Batman socks, Cola lipbalm, the book Another Night Before Christmas by Carol Ann Duffy, Lego minifigures, a lovely teal blue top, some blue corn face scrub and some tubs of my lovely vitamin E body butter and a tangerine!) and I think my husband liked his stocking gifts, (socks, slipper socks, tie, gloves, chocolate, deodourant, shower gel, the obligatory toothbrush and a tangerine!)


We then had our breakfast and a couple of cups of tea and a nice snuggle on the sofa before opening our presents from under the tree while listening to Christmas music on Classic FM. I had so many really nice things. Some lush storage boxes for all my crafty things, a really cute squirrel pattern bag, a book of New Selected Poems by Carol Ann Duffy and The Christmas Truce also by Carol Ann Duffy (can you tell she is my favourite poet?) the DVD of Monster’s University (I love Disney films), Karlology by Karl Pilkington, more sweeties and two lovely tops.) My husband also liked his gifts (World War Z on DVD, Terry Pratchett’s latest – Raising Steam, The Shining book by Stephen King, air hockey table top game (along with some spare batteries!) and some chocolate covered raisins and a really nice hanging heart decoration made by his son out of recycled christmas cards!)


We then enjoyed some rather lovely English Champagne and enjoyed just snuggling up and not doing too much, speaking to relatives etc. Then embarked on making our Christmas lunch – roast Poussin with chestnut stuffing, pigs in blankets, roast potatoes & parsnips with garlicky leeks and yellow carrots with gravy. Super yummy (and a bit of a meat fest but there you go.)


I was really blessed to be shown a video of my friend Chloe’s little boy getting his moustache on a stick I made – just utterly adorable and cute!

Then it was mini mince pies and general relaxing and my husband popped over to see his son before yet more relaxing and eventually having a bath and tumbling into bed.

Today it was Christmas Day Mark II – with my stepson opening his presents here. A whole host of things including some Nerf guns, Bop-It, some flashy new Connect4 game, Face Paints (he was made up to look like a Penguin as he always asks to be one whenever there is face painting anywhere and always ends up looking nothing like one – one place he looked like a leopard…) and some pirate related toys. So we have oodles of packaging everywhere, boxes, moulded plastic, cable ties – the lot.

So today has been mainly full of presents, chocolate, TV, chocolate, presents, shooting things, presents, chocolate and TV.

Although we got some WHSmith’s own version of Top Trumps – Ace Trumps for my stepson in his stocking, and I wasn’t overly impressed. The Dinosaur set had the word ‘Length’ spelled wrong on every card as ‘Lenght’ and also had a made-up word on some when talking about having a ‘pertruberance’ when they really meant ‘protuberance’. Their Poisonous Animals set was also rating them on ‘Agressiveness’ rather than ‘Aggressiveness’. *sigh*

So one tired boy will be getting in the bath soon and then heading to bed and being read some of his new Richard Scarry books (I love them!)

Tomorrow may be us visiting my in-laws and then hopefully at some point during New Year we will be visiting my parents.

I’ve also spent a portion of today sorting out my shop – reducing prices for the post-Christmas sale – plenty of items are now in the sale – all my Christmas decorations too. So pop on over and take a look! Not to mention the code XMASFUDGE40 is also still valid for a further 40% off!

Hope you all had a lovely Christmas and all the best for the New Year!


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