Finally feeling festive!

So the Christmas tree is up! It is looking lovely. In it’s own little gravel filled bucket (my husband who has a bad back gallantly carried the bag of gravel upstairs.) Purchased locally from a nice chap, it’s not bad for £15 (in fact really lovely!)

The boys went outside to play with the remote control car while I was in charge of putting the lights on it. I also put up our traditional net of lights over a bookcase in the living room (doesn’t look so fab when it is the daytime but in the evening looks quite nice!) They came in a short while later and did a really great job with decorating it, while Christmas songs played in the background. Usually when you let kids do it you are itching for them to go to bed so you can re-do it just how you like it, but I think with Daddy helping, the baubles were well spaced out and we even put some chocolate Santa’s on it this year. Amazingly none have been eaten yet (despite a small boy asking if he could eat some as we were decorating – but he had a few days worth of advent calendar doors to open so he was occupied by that for a while!) There is no tinsel, and I threw away the silver lametta (that annoying stringy stuff that sort of ends up everywhere else but on the tree.)


The old fake tree is about the same height as this real tree, and we usually put it in this space between the kitchen and the hall door, but this time, the tree is opposite the top of the stairs and it looks great. Although not long after finishing the decorating, when the boys were back outside with the car (in the rain), the star decided to make a leap for freedom and ejected itself off the top, taking a bauble with it downstairs. I’m sure the whole thing will look even better when there are presents under it!

We’ve also put our wreath on the door, my husband has had his first mince pie (of many!) and we’ve also done our Christmas food shopping. (Mainly Christmas booze but there you go.)

We’re having some good friends over for drinks and nibbles on Friday night so will be making a few nice little bits and bobs to munch on (as well as perhaps some foodie presents!)

I am really hoping my lurgy will be gone by then, still feeling quite worn out! But a shopping trip in the metropolis of Swindon with Dom tomorrow awaits…



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