All done and dusted

I did my last Christmas Fayre yesterday, at my nieces school. It was pretty busy and I saw lots of familiar faces from previous fairs I have done there, the last one being a ladies shopping evening a couple of weeks ago. I’m coming to the end of a horrid cold and chest infection so I am feeling pretty wiped out!

While I do make sales at these sorts of events, they often tend to be from other stall holders or organisers of the events. I get lots of lovely comments and admirers, I drop my prices quite a lot from what I usually sell items for on Etsy because I don’t have to pay listing fees or payment processing fees (although I do have to pay for a table which at times can be pretty costly especially if you are only there for a couple of hours rather than a whole day), but sometimes it is hard watching people who coo over my items to then go and spend more money on a bit of log covered in glitter with a cheap figurine stuck to the top. But that is people for you, they like what they like and it’s their money to spend on what they want.

It is good to get my name known and perhaps people will visit the shop having seen me out and about but I think for a while at least, no more school dos for me!

This was my raffle entry – it apparently had a lot of admirers, including my sister and one of her organiser friends!


When I got home and re-opened the shop I put on a few more little bits that I had made the day before. (I decided to make a few little pocket money priced items but it seems that despite me thinking that children seem to get a fair amount of pocket money these days compared to the old days when I would get 20p if I did all my chores, that even pricing some items at £1 or £1.50 is a stretch!)


Blue Star Brooch and Little Camera Brooch


A red poppy brooch and a strange red panda type animal badge (lol)


Pink Sequin Heart Brooch and Silver Sequin Star Brooch


Red and Black Zoom Car Brooch – like the Zoom magnet I made a while back.

I also made these two cute bird brooches – I put them up in the shop and within an hour they had been snapped up!


Soon I am planning to have a pre-Christmas sale event in the shop and also a giveaway on my Facebook page.

And I am also pleased that Dom liked his mini Moogs and paid a visit and bought a few other bits and pieces for Christmas presents this year including my space finger puppet set!


At least now I can pack away all my stall things, make some space in the house and get properly into the Christmas spirit! My husband and stepson went out today and got a real tree. This will be the first time since I was probably very young, to have had a real tree. As long as I can remember we always had the same fake tree, which I ended up being given when my parents moved away and I got my own place. My parents moved to a 10 bedroom guesthouse in the Scottish Borders which came with a fantastic huge fake tree – it was amazing (and seemed to shed just like a real one!)

These days they have a smaller fake tree which is still pretty big in their lovely B&B in North Wales.

So the decorations are down from the loft, space has been cleared, the lights have been checked (still working fine) and the tree is due to be brought up into the house.

Soon to start wrapping presents and feeling a bit more festive!


5 thoughts on “All done and dusted

  1. Everything looks adorable as usual.

    I hope you enjoy your real tree. We switched from real to fake a couple of years ago. I love my fake tree, but now I miss the smell of the real ones. We just might have to do a fake and real tree next year 🙂

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