Snakes on a plane!!!! Or just on my kitchen table…

I have had a really great raft of sales from my shop over the last few days and popped out super early on Monday to collect a parcel and post a sale from Sunday and had a cup of tea in Costa while I waited for the Post Office to open. Then on the way back home I twisted my bad ankle again, thankfully not a bad twist but still hurts quite a bit!

Yesterday I had a mini flurry of activity making a few more bits and bobs in preparation for my last Christmas Fayre coming up on Saturday. I am planning to make a few more little things that can be bought for pocket money but that will have to wait a day or so as I have come down with some vile bug from my stepson, sore throat and horrid chesty cough that has knocked me for six! That whole coughing until you are sick type thing, ever so lush.

However before that fully took hold and before I lost my voice, I did make two sock snakes (amid some swearing at the sewing machine for wanting to eat the sock at every available opportunity.) They have pipe cleaners inside them to be bendable and pose-able.


I also whipped another mini tote bag in this rather funky bird print material (again from FabricHQ).

ImageAnd I made a rather cute fabric elephant with some cute elephant print fabric.


They are all in the shop now!

I also had a request from my best friend Dom to make a set of three decorations for their Christmas tree to look like their fabulous little dog Cassandra aka Moog who was sadly put to sleep in November. Fingers crossed they will be OK!


So hopefully this plague will be gone by Saturday and I crack on with making a few more bits and pieces. However today will be me mainly taking it easy and not doing a lot of anything! I managed some sleep this morning and had my favourite “Alex is poorly breakfast” – Boiled Eggs and Soldiers.

So time to perhaps crawl back into bed, or on the sofa under the throw catching up with some things I have recorded….


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