Happy Birthday Mini C!

Today is my stepson’s 6th birthday! Let’s hope he has had a good day at school today and enjoys his party at the weekend – but more importantly lets hope he enjoys his new remote control car! Looking forward to a lovely meal out tonight!

You are probably wondering why I haven’t made him something for his birthday? Well as much as he likes my stuff (upon seeing the blue fleece dog I made for my nephew he told me he thought it was the best thing I had ever made) he’s just not all that into cuddly toys. He has a few old favourites like his Tweety Pie and a bear but is far more interested in cars and Lego and bike rides (and occasionally dressing up as a Princess but there we go).

Yesterday I did my second fair of the year at my nieces school, it was a ladies shopping evening and went quite well and I made a fair few sales – started a little slow but picked up towards the end. Then I have another one tomorrow in the daytime and I have been invited along to another local Christmas fair next Saturday just up the road from us so that is handy. Then I have one more which will be the Christmas Fair at my nieces school on 14th December.

I made a couple more giraffes this week, another yellow spotty one and another yellow bird pattern one. Just trying to source more of the spotty fabric as I only had a little bit of it and I rather like it!

I am now all sold out of angels and christmas puddings, robins and my fleecy dinosaur has winged its way over to Northern Ireland this week. If you fancy something a bit different for Christmas this year then why not head over to the shop and take a look!




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