The appeal of dinosaurs and maybe crabs?

I think it is a well known fact that most children (and some adults) really like dinosaurs. Some like their dinosaurs to be factually correct in terms of their physical structure while others (mainly small children) are not so fussed.

Last year I bought some great little chunky fair trade ceramic hand painted stegosaurus buttons from a local craft shop and spent some time wondering what I could do with them and eventually settled on making a badge with them. I decided to do them made to order so you could have them flat or padded and either have the word “Roar” or Rawr” sewn onto it. (Rawr being the often preferred method of language of most dinosaurs.)

I have been scrabbling about trying to find the last of the remaining buttons I have of these, I know I should have two left from a packet of five, but sadly can only find one now.

At the start of this week I had another order for one of these badges – it’s been a while since I last made one and I was pretty pleased with this one!


I have also been thinking for a few days about making a little crab out of a red fleece scarf I bought from a charity shop earlier in the year. It has been used in things like my lady pirate and the first cat rattle I made. So yesterday I quickly sketched up an oval and some shapes for the legs and the claws and whipped up this little fella with a rather happy little face!


Not so sure that crabs have quite the same appeal as dinosaurs, but I think his cute little face might help win some people over.

Today I am probably going to be making some more christmas decorations, probably some robins and maybe penguins. I make no promises.

I might also take a moment to plug my Facebook page. I tend to use it to put details about forthcoming items, links to my shop listings, any giveaways I might be doing, craft fairs I’m selling at and the like. So if you fancy it – pop along and ‘like’ it and it would make me ever so happy to have some new followers!


3 thoughts on “The appeal of dinosaurs and maybe crabs?

  1. Factually correct, yes. But not at the expense of awesome buttons …

    And, as a dinosaur aficionado, I can confirm that rawr is definitely the language of choice for all dinosaurs. True fact.

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