Avoiding RSI and Not Avoiding Bats

RSI – or Repetitive Strain Injury is a common problem caused by overuse of keyboards and mice while working on computers, along with Carpal Tunnel. I cannot sing the praises more highly of a really good wrist rest. I’ve tried the gel type ones that usually get handed out in offices, usually covered in the same material that mouse mats are, and seem to get pretty grimy pretty quick.

Last year I made myself two wrist rests – one for home and one for work. Both made out of cool tape measure/ruler type fabric in different colours. Now both of them reside on my home desk and my husband quite prefers having two. They are just so tactile, filled with split peas they smoosh around and mould really well. I made one for my Mum last Christmas out of some really cute oriental style fabric. My Mum has always liked Chinese and Japanese style fabrics and pictures.


This weekend I had an order in for a wrist rest and one of my little bat ornaments, the customer picked a really nice fabric and it is now on it’s way to her – fingers crossed that she likes it.


The bats have gone down really well, I’ve sold four so far. Although for some reason last night I couldn’t really sleep despite being utterly shattered and hardly able to keep my eyes open. I’ve had insomnia for about 15 years now and find it very hard to switch off, some nights I get a few hours but on bad nights none at all or perhaps an hour just before the alarm goes off. Last night was full of very repetitive things popping round my head – mostly bats. I had big plans to start my day down in town sitting in Costa with a latte and a paper and then popping over to the post office at 8am. But I just couldn’t face that this morning when the alarm went off at 6am. My lovely husband took my parcels with him to work to post for me, I am so exhausted that I might have to crawl into bed shortly!

But should you ever fancy a nice comfy wrist rest or indeed a cute little bat – then pop on over to the shop!


2 thoughts on “Avoiding RSI and Not Avoiding Bats

  1. Thank you!

    I do – I will be putting my latest christmas items in the shop soon (photos on one of the posts from last week). I have made a whole lot and still have some left over from last year. Still plenty more to make to ensure I have enough stock to fill the shop and to take with me to my craft fair next week!

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