Fireworks in the rain and mulled cider

Tonight my husband and I decided to walk down to the local fireworks display to stand by the roadside to watch them rather than head into the midst of the fairground. We looked a right pair stood there getting rather wet and blown about as the winds were gusting and the heavens opened on us, but miraculously died down just in time for the display to start.

The local display is usually a fairly bog standard affair, we’ve been to it for a few years now, usually taking my stepson along (the first year we took him he spent the entire thing with his hands over his ears and his face buried into the back of his Dad’s head to avoid the whole lot.) He went with his Mum tonight so we just toddled off together.

On the way back we popped to the shop to get a few bits and bobs for sausage baguettes for dinner (I like mine with some smoked chilli jelly and some fresh coriander leaves in.) We also made sure we had some supplies for making mulled cider as by this point the heavens had reopened on us on our way back. So once home, my husband grilled the sausages while I set to on the mulled cider.

I used some bottles of Magners cider but usually I prefer to use a nice big bottle of Thatchers Gold but they don’t stock that in our local little Tesco Express. I already had all the spices in the cupboard so just needed an orange which we duly purchased.

To make the mulled cider – put the cider in a saucepan, put in some orange peel (try not to get much of the white pith as this will give a more bitter taste), add a generous sprinkling of cloves, whole star anise, a cinnamon stick, some slices of ginger root, grated nutmeg and a vanilla pod (split and the seeds scraped out and then put the pod into the pan too.) Use the juice from the orange too and bring to the boil and simmer. I tend to also add some sugar to taste. This time I used some dark brown soft sugar for a deeper flavour. Make sure you take some out with a ladle and strain through a sieve or tea strainer into a glass to taste as you go to make sure you get a taste that you like. Then strain into glasses or mugs and enjoy!


And in case you are wondering – no I am not slowly becoming a food blog!


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