I hate gussets

I am still learning the ropes with this sewing lark.


Today I made a Scotty Dog out of a fleece scarf. I found a nice free simple pattern for it which I could easily use for a flattish simple toy and also with gussets for a more chunky look.

I have never been able to master the mystery of the gusset with any aplomb. Today was no exception. My trusty seam unpicker came in handy at least once or twice.

I am waiting for a book to come in the post soon which hopefully will really help me figure things out and help me more with making my own designs for things with gussets which I tend to avoid like the plague. That book is Stuffed Animals: From Concept to Construction by Abigail Patner Glassenberg who created the book off the back of her excellent blog – WhileSheNaps.

But I finally finished the dog, and it looked a bit odd so I ended up doing a stitch or two to pull it together a little more, gave him some eyes and a little yellow ribbon.


(Still no sign of my battery charger for my camera! – Proper photos will be taken!)

I also made some moustaches on sticks. Had an order for two brown ones from a very dear friend for her super cute little boy and her husband as stocking fillers for Christmas. I then made some black ones and an orangey one. I have to use some glue to hold the sticks in place inside the moustache and in the process of hand sewing them the middle finger on my right hand ends up super painful from pushing the needle through the set glue. (I know I should wear a thimble or finger guard but I don’t.) But hopefully they will go down well!


Only one more day until the new boiler is installed. Really cannot wait. Thankfully the weather has been pretty mild (despite it raining almost constantly) so it’s not been cold, it’s just a been a pain having the hot water going off about a million times when trying to have a quick shower!

I made a rather lovely lasagne tonight. Made using chipotle chili sausages taken out of their skins and fried up with some fennel seeds and the usual ragu suspects and a nice bechamel sauce and of course lasagne sheets and mozzarella. Was lovely and plenty for tomorrow too.

Here I am at gone 1:30am blogging. Last night I was up till gone 2:30am buying fleece scarves on eBay. I can probably sum my life up by the fact I have an app on my iPod called ‘Where to Wee’. All the important stuff.



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