Baby its cold outside…

Ok so today wasn’t so cold outside, it was actually quite warm for October in the UK – about 18 degrees C and I had a pleasant little walk earlier to get some butter from the shop and to pop my booking form through the door for my first craft fair of the year at my stepson’s school on 14th November.

I am thankful that it is nice and mild at the moment, as well as the hot water being on the fritz (had a marginally nice shower this morning which was marred by the boiler going out towards the end and having a stone cold rinse off…) but also the heating has decided to pack in too. We have now booked in a replacement boiler to be fitted next Friday, so just have to make it through this next week with some quick showers and hoping it doesn’t get too cold! Extra layers and keeping busy.

I have also fairly recently kept having dreams involving a very tiny mouse, that I have a pet mouse (I did used to have a pet mouse…) but that I keep losing it, and then finding it again only to lose it again. Wonder what Freud would make of that. In one of them I found the mouse in a cup of coffee. Some years ago when giving away our old sofas, I had thrown the cushions down to the hallway by the front door and when I picked them up I noticed something small scurry away under the shoe rack which we moved out the way to find the cutest tiny mouse ever. We looked after him for a little while before taking him to a field over the road. Isn’t he cute?

House Mouse

I’ve been making a fair few bits and bobs this week, a mixture of christmas decorations and other items. Photos to follow!

I have also ordered some little blackboards for my stall to write prices on, I think they will look pretty nice with my black and white theme. Got to pick them up tomorrow.

I was thinking again today about some items I have made in the past that I am quite pleased with and a while back my stepson had a party to go to for a little girl called Scarlet. I asked him what he thought she might like for a present. He said ‘a drum and a gun…’ I suggested that while she might, maybe girls don’t always like guns etc. He thought again for a moment and then said ‘I think she would like a badge that said she was super.’ So off I went and made this – and a little set of hairgrips for something extra. I hope she liked them!


I used some glittery red and pink felt for the super symbol for that added bit of glam!



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