Yet more celebrations!

This week I became an Auntie again! My brother and his wife had their second child, a daughter named Seren (which is Welsh for Little Star). I am already an auntie to two nieces and one nephew and until recently I’ve not really made much for them as I’ve not really had much time between the day job and making things for the shop. Although last year I did make my nephew a little set of finger puppets based on the family’s five dogs for Christmas.

So as a little present for the new arrival I made this little cat rattle (and yes the ears are a little long and make it look more like a cat-rabbit but never mind – adds to the charm). Made using cream cotton, a lovely pink floral cotton, felt, rick rack and a ribbon tail, backed with super soft red fleece. I mentioned in an earlier post that I had bought some rattle inserts and so I made a little felt bag for the rattle to go into and sewed it up as they are quite smooth and can just get moved around a lot inside the toy. So the little felt covered rattle went in amongst the soft stuffing and voila! Not too bad for my first ever rattle toy!


Also as there is a little boy who has just been promoted to the role of Big Brother I made him a little badge to show just how big and strong he is for his new job. He can flash it about like some form of I.D.


And in case you were wondering about my mention of the dog finger puppets earlier – here is a photo of them with their little denim bag! Each dog had it’s name embroidered on the back.



2 thoughts on “Yet more celebrations!

    • Thanks Jennifer! Just hope they like them! Managed to make the rattle without too much swearing and dropping of things, although the first bit of sewing had to be unpicked by the trusty seam ripper but it all seemed to go alright after that! I think I might have to make more of these!

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