Roll up roll up….

As I haven’t made anything new for a week (a whole week!) I thought I might write some posts about some of the items I have made over the past few months.

One of my favourites is this fabulous set of Circus themed finger puppets. The Travelling Popolino Troupe!


Initially I sat and made the Lion and I thought to myself – what would go with this lion? I was thinking other animals but then the idea of a Lion Tamer / Ringmaster came into my head and I set to creating him – The Great Popolino! (His real name is Alberto Popozinski…) And his co-performer Samson the Lion (who is a strict vegetarian.)

ImageHis top hat is a bit ludicrously tall but I think it adds to the drama. His whip is made with a bit of black wool with a felt handle – but not to worry the whip doesn’t come too close to Samson!

Then came Alberto’s wife Arrabella Linguini – the trapeze artist and her pet snake Edith and the rather morose Herbie Onions – the Clown (he is secretly in love with Arrabella…)

Image  Image

I used a sparkly sock remnant for Arrabella’s outfit sort of stretching it around as I stitched it into place (she even has a slightly padded out chest area…)

I also rather enjoyed working on Herbie, his top is glittery although it doesn’t show up too well in the photo, and his trousers are made of this fabbo denim fabric. I even made him a little squirty flower.

Then my favourite of the bunch – The Strongman – Gustav Von Trump. With his hairy chest and bushy moustache and manly tattoos he easily lifts his 200lb weights!


After I finished making them I lay awake most of the night thinking they needed a bag to keep them all together in and I knew just the fabric to use – so the next morning before I headed off to work I whipped up this little drawstring bag out of this great striped fabric – looks a bit like the Big Top itself!


The set is of course in my shop and ready for some awesome performances!


5 thoughts on “Roll up roll up….

    • Thanks Jennifer! It depends really, probably an hour or so for each depending on the level of detail. Sometimes I might do a sketch of what I want to do, sometimes I just cut out a shape and go from there. The lion was the quickest and I think maybe Arabella took the longest.

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