Challenge – Day 7 – The End!

Ah ha! I have completed the challenge my husband set me a week ago – to make five things a day for a week.

Each day I have racked my brains for ideas of what to make, surfed Pinterest and even dreamt of things. Each time when I asked my husband for ideas he kept saying Pumpkins and Crocodiles. We have a running joke about making a crocodile after some time last year when he drew me an idea for a crocodile on a Post-It note and I have always avoided making one.

So the first thing I made today was… a crocodile!


The Beast was an utter gem with this one. We might become good friends one day!

I then made… hanging pumpkins!


Next it was another set of hair grips – this time I went for a pirate theme – because girls like pirates too you know! These are done on glittery felt for that extra bit of zing!


Then finally after being inspired by the knitted hedgehog from my Mum I decided to make a little hedgehog brooch out of felt.


So after this week of making things I am a bit pooped. Like I’ve said before, I don’t work fast, I make mistakes, I unpick things, I glue myself to the table, I shout at the sewing machine, I jab myself with the needle at least 8 times a day, I drop stuff all the time and I get easily distracted by the interpipe.

I have also finally added the items from the last couple of days and today to the shop so you can find them here:

Lobster, Kangaroo, Sock Pig, Camera Brooch, Daschund, Crocodile, Hedgehog, Hanging Pumpkins, Pirate Hairgrips, Anenome Hairgrips, Grey & Blue Pearly Hairgrips and Dragon.

Thanks for following me on this challenge!




4 thoughts on “Challenge – Day 7 – The End!

  1. You have such cute stuff!

    It’s amazing how exhausting crafting can be. I recently hosted a bridal shower for my cousin and made almost everything (I’m going to do a post on it in a couple of weeks). My fingers were burned from the glue gun, needles were lost in the rug and my wrist was sore from all the cutting, pinning, gluing etc. But it’s always worth it in the end!

    • Thanks Jennifer!

      Yeah I end up with callouses and sores on my fingers and thumbs from the hand sewing, back ache from all the hunching over and bad tempered when things don’t work out!

      Look forward to seeing your post re the bridal shower!

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