Challenge – Day 4

So I have already made my items for today’s challenge. (Get me!)

I was a little inspired by my dino magnets yesterday with the whole felt and fabric thing and as I have this great die cutter my husband bought me for my birthday in July, it is just perfect for doing repeatable items for precision especially when you want to make a set of something and consistency is key.

I have this great fabric with a bird motif and I thought perhaps they might help accent some star shaped hanging decorations.


And I am not sure why I haven’t done something like this sooner, as they are my favourite animal ever – Behold the Platypus brooch!


I also made this little bookmark – with a cow parsley embroidered detail.

Cow Parsley Bookmark 1

As usual you can find them for sale in my shop – Stars, Bookmark and Duck Billed Love.

Oh and one of my challenge items has just sold on Etsy – my awesome little bat from Saturday! Whoop whoop!


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