Challenge – Day 3

Monday I felt a bit manic and rushed. I spent a couple of hours sorting out photos from the weekend’s work and listing things on Etsy and finishing off painting the front door…

At one point The Beast (aka the sewing machine) decided it hated my sock material and all it wanted to do was chew it up in its feed dogs and I started to get a bit hot and bothered.

Then my Dad sent me a text asking if I was around that afternoon as he wanted to call me for a chat so I was feeling under pressure to get things done. In the end we spoke at around 8pm so the whiff of desperation had faded by then!

So Monday’s efforts went like this… Bertram the Bunny…made of (clean) socks and buttons and a scrap of felt.

Bertram Bunny 1

The coolest little dino magnets – cunningly displayed here on the magnetic wall in my kitchen which is plastered with magnetic poetry, family photos, the alphabet, numbers and a handy reminder that 7am is morning time for my stepson – rather than 6am or any other unholy hour.

Dino Magnets Wall

You can also find these little beauties on my shop – Bertram and The Dinos!


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